Heaven's Fall

Home of the Moogles to Brynhildr!

Welcome to Heaven's Fall

Heaven's Fall <HF> is a family-like free company on Brynhildr of the Crystal database. We own a mansion in Lavender Beds, always have FC actions up (and change them by the day), and our community is far from lacking! We have events once a month, with some being suggested by the community.

All in all, we are Heaven's Fall, and we'll more than welcome your company!

Our Events

As stated before, Heaven's Fall hosts many events! Our events as of 2020 have included:

Glamour ContestsEX RunsTreasure MapsPoetry Slams
.... and more to come!


Check out our favorite thing to do: take pictures!

Contact Us

Feel free to send a friend request to the Heaven's Fall leader, V'hala Helsinger, over discord: Valen#7478
or leave us a message to get back to you!

REMINDER: You must be part of the Brynhildr server to join our FC!

Thank You

Your application will be looked at soon!